Lunch is served both Friday and Saturday at Astern Restaurant for 100 SEK. The restaurant is situated about 500 meters from the convention centre (see map).

It is important that you report any allergies in your booking.

Menu Friday:
– Whole garlic pork with port wine sauce and mushrooms
– Poached fish fillet of pure white wine sauce
– Vegan soup

There are 3 different times for lunch during Friday 11.30, 12.30 and 13.30. Look at your food ticket to see which time that you shall have lunch.

Menu Saturday:
– Organic beef steak with roasted potato and chorone sauce

There are 2 different times for lunch during Friday 11.30 and 12.30. Look at your food ticket to see which time that you shall have lunch.

On Sunday the lunch will be served at Arena Venue Boråshallen.

Snack food and drinks will be available during the complete weekend in our cafeteria.

Pub Night
Pub Night with food and entertainment will be at Asterns restaurant on Friday night for the price of 175 SEK.

Menu, buffet
– Green salad with spring primers
– Herb potato salad with sugar peas (French)
– Chicken with baked cherry tomatoes
– Asparagus and cheese pie with cream
– Pepper sauce
– Citrus dressing
– Bread / butter

For the coffee, Homemade chocolate mousse served with strawberries.

Medieval Feast
On Saturday night it´s time for – A Medieval Feast with entertainment! For a mere 200 SEK, you will receive:
– Welcome drink,
– 3 course medieval dinner
– Entertainment

All those who come in medieval costume, or come riding in on a ”hobby horse” will be presented with a drinks token. Both non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks are available at the castle bar. (We request that NO drinks be brought into the premises.)

After Party and Dance
For those who survive the Medieval onslaught we have ”After party and dance”, for only 50 SEK.

Any questions concering food please contact


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